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Gerald Ford

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Best Purchasing Practices

How transparent are you? Sharing his views on those burdensome RFP’s, Supply Chain Consultant and Chief Visionary Officer of Cambridge Solutions Inc., Gerald Ford, talks about best purchasing practice. With the benefit of working with various associations, Gerald Ford shares his thoughts and influences in the arena of securing bids and bidding mistakes.


Peggy Grall

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Organizational Change and Transition

People can’t talk about change without using the f-word: fear. From psychotherapist to executive coach and expert in change, Peggy Grall discusses change and transition and the lessons she brings from her own experience in change. Speaking on dealing with organizational change, she offers tactics for onboarding in a new position, connecting quickly to your new team, and how to create great supporters. Using current events and examples, Peggy Grall explains communication change, crisis change, and how she uses ‘Transition Poker’ to practice skills in managing change.