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Peter Moore

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Children's Mental Health

One in five children have a diagnosable mental illness. This is one of the statistics that Peter Moore, Executive Director of the Kinark Child and Family Services, mentions. Established in 1916 and treating 10,000 cases a year, Kinark is the largest mental health agency in Ontario. Working to defeat the stigma and shame associated with it, Peter Moore discusses the role parents, and the community plays in a child’s well being. He describes some of the centers, programs and services offered through Kinark, such as Autism Services, Youth Justice services, and Therapeutic recreation. Peter Moore also talks about their recent initiative to reach out to remote, northern communities and the complexities involved with that initiative.


Brian Dalzell

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Sales, Management, Communication

Weaving together sales, management, and communications, Brian Dalzell, CEO of The Performance Advantage Inc, discusses the blending of facilitation and consulting. Answering such questions as, how can I integrate training? What is the impact on my business? And how do I position training in my organization? He shares how to get a better return on your training, and the use of training interventions.