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Kelly McCormick

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Reinventor of Business and Sales Processes

Are you living in the land of assumptions? Kelly McCormick, Sales Consultant and author of Outsell Yourself, talks about best sales practices and the difference between presentations and questions. Following an entrepreneurial path from an early age, Kelly McCormick shares her lessons on sales pressure, intentional pauses, and first-time buyers. Giving sales advice to non-sales people, she confronts the “so what” and promotes the probing questions that gain agreement and build trust.


Tom Stoyan

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Canadian Sales Coach

Do you wear a sales hat? Canada’s Sales Coach, Tom Stoyan, offers coaching insights on how to become active in your customer’s buying decision and sell more effectively. Tracing his 24-year career, Tom Stoyan shares the lessons, influences, and challenges that have carved out his ‘Selling with Integrity’ training program.