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Anthony Lindan

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Magic with a Message

It’s a vanishing art, but Anthony Lindan, professional magician, speaker, and presenter, has built a professional career from his passion of magic. While demonstrating several magic tricks, he talks about the control of audience perception, and managing and influencing the perception process.


Mark Bowden

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Body Language and Gestures

Do you give speeches or presentations? How do you want to be perceived? Honest? Energetic? Arrogant? Mark Bowden, creator of Truth Plane – a model of training in communication, shares how gestures impact communication. Specializing in non-verbal communication, Mark Bowden demonstrates common gestures and explains their connection to the audience’s perception of the speaker. He discusses the use and view of gestures across, cultures, stereotypes, geography, and age. Mark Bowden reveals techniques to become a calm and confident speaker.