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Stuart Knight

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Powerful Conversations

Motivational, musical, and sometimes autobiographical, Stuart Knight discusses the multi-faceted path that lead him to his book, “You Should Have Asked: The Art of Powerful Conversation.” Offering up tips and suggestions to open up the dialogue, Stuart confides the best way to not kill a conversation and ways of making conversation available. Always looking for the next experience, he talks about the Evolution Group and the six-week course that counters the reality of Monday.


Christine Aquin Pope

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Corporate Sales and Lead Generation

Fear motivates people. It’s what motivated Christine Aquin-Pope, President of Gun Powder Business, to succeed in sales and business development. With a focus on selling to Fortune 1000 companies, she reveals how to set your sales force up for success. Sharing her secrets on sales lead generations and garnering C-level meetings, Christine Aquin-Pope talks about how she developed her niche specialty.


Brian Dalzell

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Sales, Management, Communication

Weaving together sales, management, and communications, Brian Dalzell, CEO of The Performance Advantage Inc, discusses the blending of facilitation and consulting. Answering such questions as, how can I integrate training? What is the impact on my business? And how do I position training in my organization? He shares how to get a better return on your training, and the use of training interventions.


Donald Cooper

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Cooper Sports, Alive and Well

How they buy, and how we sell. Innovative retailer and marketer, Donald Cooper from Cooper Sports and Alive and Well, talks about creating an extraordinary customer experience. Having worked with forty different industries around the world, Donald Cooper shares his triumphs, influences, and challenges in business.