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Public speaking

Barry Kuntz

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GM, Leadership, Performance

Discussing the ride up the ladder, Barry Kuntz, former senior executive at General Motors, recalls his evolving roles at GM. As past Director of Fleet and Commercial he shares the sales process that allowed him to generate 30% of product sales for GM. Discussing negotiations, market segments, and dealer relations Barry Kuntz gives an inside perspective on GM and when the moment of change occurred in the automotive industry.


Sunjay Nath

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The 10-80-10 Solution

Beginning his international speaking career at 19 years of age, Sunjay Nath has spent the last 15 years snowballing. Discussing the relationship between keynotes, workshops and coaching/consulting, he talks about where he is in his career and the unique additional training that’s helped him out. Sunjay Nath talks about public speaking, presentation training and offers some easy tips and examples. He reviews his 10-80-10 principle and how the framework for empowering achievement has been used in some unexpected places.