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Jill Donahue

Post image for Jill Donahue

Ethical Behaviour Change


Allison Graham

Allison Graham interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Network, Connect, Relationships

Networking expert and President of Elevate Biz, Allison Graham, shares strategic business networking tips designed to “deepen the level of conversation”. As she advises on ways to create a genuine connection, Allison Graham reveals typical blunders and top tips to keep in mind at your next networking event. Learn effective ways to manage a large network. Learn how to politely disengage from a conversation. And learn what Allison Graham’s personal mission is – and why you really should never do this.


Stuart Knight

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Powerful Conversations

Motivational, musical, and sometimes autobiographical, Stuart Knight discusses the multi-faceted path that lead him to his book, “You Should Have Asked: The Art of Powerful Conversation.” Offering up tips and suggestions to open up the dialogue, Stuart confides the best way to not kill a conversation and ways of making conversation available. Always looking for the next experience, he talks about the Evolution Group and the six-week course that counters the reality of Monday.


Adrian Davis

Adrian Davis interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

The intersection of Sales and Strategy

Are you selling something? Founder and CEO of Whetstone Inc., Adrian Davis offers insight into healthy selling. As he details the connection between sales and relationships, we learn lessons and concepts in strategic selling.