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Andrew Leslie

Andrew Leslie interviewed by Randall Craig on

Defense, Technology, Military

Retired Lieutenant-General, Andrew Leslie discusses his 30 year career in the Canadian Armed Forces, his steep career progression, and his transition to the corporate life at CGI. Breaking down the army organization into bite-sized pieces, he shares processes on recruitment, training, and soldier pay. Taking a broader look at warfare, Andrew Leslie touches on his final role in the army with a closer look at funding, overhead, and sober second-looks. With his transition to CGI, he talks about overlapping elements in cyber warfare, and cyber security in Canadian corporations.


Janice Diner

Janice Diner interviewed on Profesionally Speaking TV

Creative Director and Technologist

On the leading edge of technology is where Janice Diner sits. As founding partner and CEO of Horizon Studios Inc., emerging technology is her business. And as an award-winning Creative Director – she does it with style. In this interview Janice Diner discusses her inspiration, challenges, and where she goes from here.


Steve Taylor

Post image for Steve Taylor

Style, Design, Technology

Since 1875, Bulova’s single-category company has maintained their business and reputation of excellence. President of Bulova Canada, Steve Taylor, discusses patents, manufacturing, and the evolving technology of time keeping.


Corrine Sandler

Post image for Corrine Sandler

Fresh Intelligence Gathering

From data to intelligence, Fresh Intelligence founder and CEO, Corrine Sandler, defines market research in today’s fast-paced society. With almost a decade in the marketing and market research industry, she offers a revolutionary blending of methodology and technology that gathers online and digital intelligence.


Greg Gulyas

Post image for Greg Gulyas

Sales, Outsourcing, Offshoring

Former Senior VP at IBM, Greg Gulyas, recounts the moments that made history. From introducing the scanner to Loblaws to the introduction of personal computers, he discusses the steps that brought IBM to the forefront of technology. Racing through IBM history, he talks about the OS/2, PCjr, and the ThinkPad.


Dave Paradi

Post image for Dave Paradi

Presentations with PowerPoint

Have you ever been bored in a Power Point presentation? Has anyone been bored in one of yours? Power Point Rock star, and author of The Visual Slide Revolution, Dave Paradi shares a plethora of tips and advice to improve your Power Point presentations. Reviewing common issue and problems, he explains his K.W.I.C.K acronym to help improve basic design flaws. He discusses slide building, slide transitions, using animation and using rights protected material. He examines the difference in slide design between a presentation and a webinar.