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Cheryl Gregory

Cheryl Gregory interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Speaker, Travel and Sales Trainer

With over 25 years of experience, Cheryl Gregory is a Travel Industry Sales and Marketing professional. Her extensive knowledge in tourism was gained by working in various sectors such as airline, cruise and tour operations.
Her passion for travel and her business know-how has made Cheryl see the world differently. In the last two decades, Cheryl has lead multiple sales teams to successfully and creatively overcome some of the toughest challenges faced by the travel industry.
Cheryl is an avid supporter of responsible travel and believes that to secure the future of the tourism industry, both individual and business action is needed to preserve the environmental and cultural heritage of the places people love to visit.


Sarah Wiley

Sarah Wiley interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Inspiring and Challenging Journeys

What better country to cultivate resilience, leadership, connections and compassion through inspiring and challenging journeys of self-discovery in the natural world? Sarah Wiley, Executive Director of Outward Bound Canada, joins us on Professionally Speaking TV to showcase some of what makes Outward Bound an incredible experience for both adults and youth. With Wilderness Expeditions and Urban Programs, Outward Bound Canada has a journey for everyone. Sarah Wiley also shares some of her own expeditions and experiences in her long relationship with Outward Bound.


Mary-Colleen Shanahan

Post image for Mary-Colleen Shanahan

CEO of Tilly Endurables

CEO of Tilley Endurables, Mary-Coleen (MC) Shanahan, shares the lessons learned from early opportunities. She discusses her transition from service to product, entering a family-run business, and the challenges of being competitive in an international market. Learn about the adventure of a Tilley purchase. MC Shanahan displays a wide range of products from the original Tilley hat that has gained so much fame to their newest member –the Intrepid Bag.