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29 2013

Thanksgiving sale: Get my books at a big discount

Syndicated from: Randall Craig

Did the headline really capture your attention?  If you are a frequent reader of my material, you probably recognize that this is not the type of headline that you will usually find. I’ve written many times about how organizations (and individuals) compete on the Price-Expertise-Trust spectrum, and that Trust is by far the most enduring dimension.  I’ve also written about content marketing and thought leadership, and how continuously demonstrating Expertise is one of the most powerful mechanisms to build Trust. So why the headline?  And more particularly, how does Price fit into the equation?  Yes, demonstrating value is important, but a discounted price – sometimes even zero – is a powerful way to encourage trial. A consultant might give people an opportunity to test-drive their services with a modified version of their services – an audit, for example – at a lower-than-normal entry point. A restaurant might give free samples to encourage trial. A speaker or software vendor might host webinars at a low-or-no-cost level, once again as a test-drive for new prospects – and a value-add for existing clients. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are particularly exciting for retailers to generate real and cyber foot-traffic, the concept of using the price lever to encourage trial can be used by every organization.  It just needs to be done in a brand-appropriate, and strategic manner.  This week’s action plan:  Let’s see if this works:  Test drive my ideas beyond the Tipsheet and buy one of my books or learning resources, all at a one-time-only 50% discount, until Dec 6th.  Click here for the catalog.  (The discount is automatically applied on check-out.) The Make It Happen Tipsheet is also available by email. Go to to register. Randall Craig @RandallCraig (follow me)

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