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23 2013

The Art and Science of Persistent Follow Up

Syndicated from: Networking for Results Blog

Networking is the process of creating and developing relationships from an initial contact to an ultimate outcome. Accepting this reality means accepting responsibility and accountability for the process itself. There are four critical factors that can and do contribute to the process. These four qualities maximize the follow up process.  Persistence Quality #l - Focus: Generally, the speed at which relationships develop is driven by the frequency of contact, therefore the timeliness of your follow up can, and does, have a direct impact on results. Timeliness and frequency of contact are complementing strengths in the follow up process. Adopting an on-going multi-dimensional follow up strategy that meets the needs and requirements of individual relationship will maximize the follow up process. In addition, the frequency of contact should be reviewed as the strength and quality of relationships develop and grow.  Persistence Quality #2 - Flexibility: We love to feel that others care about us and our situation, so the ability to customize your follow up will have great impact on your results. The more you can make others feel that your follow up is for them alone, the greater the effect and the faster the relationship grows. Continually adapting your follow up strategy to fit the other person’s personality, environment and potential will have a dramatic effect on your capacity to leverage the relationship for maximum results.  Persistence Quality #3 - Impact: As individuals, we look to justify our actions and investments. The more you focus your follow up from a value-based perspective, the more impact it will have. Value is a key determining factor in where we allocate time, effort and energy in relationships and in life. Creating and building value in relationships is also instrumental in contributing to the most important and powerful relationship characteristic: trust. The level of trust we feel towards another person is generally in direct proportion to the quantity and quality of value we feel another person has contributed, or can contribute, to our lives.  Persistence Quality #4 - Results-Oriented: We are social animals and tend to let the social aspects of our relationships drive their results. The sooner you clarify needs in relationships and follow up towards a clear outcome, the easier it will be for you to see which follow up activities will pay the best dividends. This results-based perspective applies just as much to your needs as to the needs of others. Identifying and confirming which results will contribute and maximize your follow up validates the process and ensures your ability to leverage your investment in time, effort and energy. When all four of these characteristics are  utilized, follow up becomes and pleasant, positive and productive exercise. Want to improve follow up? Email me at receive a complimentary copy of my From Contact to Client ebook.    

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