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20 2011

The New McGuinty Cabinet

Syndicated from: Steve Paikin

For the first time in 128 years, a Liberal premier of Ontario has won three consecutive elections. So today, Dalton McGuinty did something no Liberal premier has had to do since Oliver Mowat did it in 1883 --- appoint a new ministry to launch a third government.   If you've been cooling your heels on the Liberal back benches for the past eight years, the news isn't good. Keep cooling your heels. Premier McGuinty made clear today that he opted for experience over fresh faces, while handing two-thirds of the budget over to ministries headed by women (health, education, community safety, prisons, etc.).   Today, the pictures and sound of a new McGuinty cabinet.  Tomorrow, an assessment of the familiar faces, many of whom are in new portfolios.     The new McGuinty cabinet enters the main floor area of the Ontario Legislature building.   The premier and lieutenant-governor make their entrance.     The cabinet, as as group, takes the oath of office.     Dalton McGuinty takes the oath of office as Premier and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs     Dwight Duncan from Windsor-Tecumseh continues to be the most powerful player in cabinet. He's minister of finance, chairman of the management board of cabinet (which oversees all spending), and deputy premier as well.     Premier McGuinty rolls out his favourite phrase again: moving forward together.     McGuinty explains what he believes the government's prime task is during anxious times.     Everyone finishes with O Canada.

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