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12 2011

The Other Side of 9/11

Syndicated from: Steve Paikin

One month ago, much of the world's attention was focused on memorial services in New York and Washington, on the tenth anniverary of 9/11.   The services were solemn. And television covered the events on a gavel to gavel basis.   But at the same time at Toronto's Ryerson University, another group of people, for whom 9/11 is also a seminal event in their lives, gathered to consider another side to the story.   This group is convinced that the official story from that day is either wrong, incomplete, or utterly misleading. Yes, some of them are conspiracy kooks. But others, such as former McMaster University professor Graeme McQueen, are thoughtful and intelligent, and simply want answers to some basic questions.   For more on McQueen's concerns about what happened on that day, please watch the interview below:  

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