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11 2012

The Perfect Business

Syndicated from: Your Planning Partners

We believe every Canadian business owner should have the opportunity to build the Perfect Business. But what is a Perfect Business? The Perfect Business supports the life style you and your family want. This covers everything from personal income through to life balance. It means the business is not consuming every minute of your life. It means your family and/or friends are not complaining about your constant absences or starting to exclude you from family events. It means you are receiving an income commensurate with your role and responsibilities. The Perfect Business is one you enjoy passionately. You love the nurturing, leading and guiding that successful businesses need. You get great delight in seeing your people grow professionally. You get excited every time a new customer comes on board. You are proud of your business. The Perfect Business has value so one day, when you are ready, it can be sold. Yes it might be far away over the horizon but the reality is there. One day you will not be around to run the business and you cannot take it with you. Or, more likely, one day you will want to do something else; retire or start another business or take up stamp collecting. Whatever it may be you will still need an income. Your business is your retirement income. So in short the Perfect Business: Supports the lifestyle you and your family want You enjoy passionately Has value so one day it can be sold Do you have the Perfect Business? If not what are your plans to turn your business into the Perfect Business? Leave a comment to this post or email me at Have a great year building your Perfect Business! For articles about business ownership go to

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