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14 2011

The Perils of Speaking in Tongues

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling » Blog

“The ALZ Platinum 1700 is an outstanding product. It is equipped with the Xenol Power Booster and Sky-Top Infrared scanning system. Plus, our patented XLT cooling system has also been integrated into the existing refractory circulator.” Huh? Did you understand this? Neither did I. It’s not uncommon for sales people to use industry jargon or techno-babble during a sales conversation. This is akin to speaking in tongues or a foreign language because most people you deal with don’t speak this language. As a result, they won’t understand how they will benefit from the product you are recommending. The best sales people discuss their products and services in terms that each customer will understand. Although this sounds easy, many sales people find it difficult to execute. During a sales training workshop I conducted a participant stated that his customers NEEDED to hear the name of each features of his product. When asked why, he replied, “So they know why my products are better than my competitors.” Reciting the names of your products or its features does not explain why they are different or better than your competitors. Explaining how they impact or affect your customer does. Make it easy for your prospect to understand the value of your solution and avoid speaking in tongues. Could your sales team use some fine-tuning in this area? I conduct sales training workshops that focus on this topic. If you think I can help, give me a call: 905-633-7750 or

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