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06 2011

The rush to the end

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

Look behind you. There’s 2011, stretching away to the horizon. Before you, 2012 is starting to loom large. Sure, there’s stuff to do between now and then – if you’re like me, work loose ends to tidy up and time to play with friends and family. Let’s say you’ve got 25 days left in this year. What can you get up to in 25 days? (A lot, if you put your mind to it and you start saying some strong No’s.) My next newsletter will be on planning for a great 2012. If that would be useful for you, you might consider signing up. It’s easy and free – the sign-up box is right there on the website. Oh – and take a look at this great online workshop I’m running. Four fast and funky teleclasses in January to Get your Great Work Groove on. Please come along and join the party. Kick Start 2012: Get Your Great Work Groove On  

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