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28 2011

The Silver Lining in a Dark Cloud

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling Blog ~ Increase Your Sales

This post is a dramatic step away from my usual sales advice; hopefully you will still find it useful. Most people take everything in their life for granted. Or, they don’t stop to consider how fortunate they are. It is certainly difficult to see this if you are experiencing a significant transition or major problem in your life. Unemployment, bankruptcy, divorce and death are just some of life’s critical issues that negatively affect our perspective and our lives. However, I recently read a blog (I can’t for the life of me remember whose blog it was!) that suggested you take 3 minutes every day to consider the positive aspects of the most difficult problem you are currently encountering. This is a very tough exercise, especially if you’re facing a serious obstacle like a major sales slump or the loss of a close friend or family member or foreclosure. I mean, let’s face it…it’s pretty challenging to find gratitude if you’re in the process of losing your home. It’s tough to be optimistic when you’re been out of work for an extended period of time. However, this exercise IS very helpful. Three minutes of reflection CAN make a difference. Here’s the key… Don’t expect to succeed when you first start this exercise. Give yourself permission to struggle with finding anything positive about your current situation; you may not be able to see anything positive for several days or even weeks. Allow yourself time to see how you will benefit from your problem. Work through this exercise at the same time every day. Schedule it into your calendar if necessary. This helps to create a pattern, and if you do this activity late in the day, you will find that you will think about it during the day. It also helps to write down your thoughts because the act of writing forces you to concentrate. Recording your thoughts in a notebook or journal gives you the opportunity to review them at a later time. Here’s something else to consider… Don’t set the expectation that your problem is miraculously going to disappear. It won’t. However, eventually, your perception of the problem will change. And as your perception changes, you may encounter new people or circumstances that will help. There IS a silver lining in every dark cloud. The challenge is finding it.   Tweet This

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