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10 2011

There’s Never Been A Cabinet Like This

Syndicated from: Steve Paikin

Ontario's NDP just observed its 50th birthday, so tonight, we shine the spotlight on a party that has only once formed the government of Ontario, and doesn't always have happy memories of that time in power.   However, amidst all the turmoil of those five years, from 1990-95, when the NDP did run Queen's Park, the party did do one thing that was unprecedented and no one's come close to replicating since.   Front Row: Irene Mathyssen, Evelyn Gigantes, Andrea Horwath, Marion Boyd, Marilyn Churley, Elaine Ziemba, and Jenny Carter.  Back Row: Anne Swarbrick, Frances Lankin, Shelley Wark-Martyn, Shelley Martel, Zanana Akande, and Ruth Grier. (Unable to attend: Shirley Coppen).     Premier Bob Rae, then a New Democrat, now of course a Liberal MP, wanted to show how different his crew was. And so, in October 1990 at Convocation Hall at the University of Toronto, his government swore in 11 women to a 25-member cabinet --- a record high number.   Recently, almost all of those female cabinet ministers got together with the current leader, Andrea Horwath, to celebrate and remember the moment when some of them made the cover of Chatelaine magazine.        Current NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, flanked by Evelyn Gigantes (left) and Marion Boyd.     Horwath speaks with Anne Swarbrick (in the glasses). You may also recognize former environment and health minister Ruth Grier, a regular TVO panelist for years on "Fourth Reading," standing behind Anne.      Former energy minister Jenny Carter signs the back of a blow up of the Chatelaine cover.      

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