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13 2014

Three Books Certain to Increase Your Impact

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

Are you confusing effort with impact? I know you’re working hard, but are you making the difference you could and you should? In this short video, you’ll find three of my favourite books and strategies to make a real difference. (The full reference list is below the video.) Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power lays out an array of different strategies that can make you smarter (and maybe sneakier) about the way you work. Edgar Schein’s Helping helps you understand the counterintuitive dynamic of giving help, and helps you give and receive help more effectively. And Chip and Dan Heath’s book Decisive shows the power of increasing your options. Three books, great reads and all in the aid of helping you have more impact in the work you do. Want more useful tools for the time-crunched manager? Join our LinkedIn group!

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