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23 2011

Three Questions That Will Change Your Sales Results Forever

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling Blog ~ Increase Your Sales

Want to learn a simple way to improve your sales? Analyze your performance. Sound simple? Well, it is. However, most sales people don’t take the time to reflect on their sales calls, meetings or presentations. However, a few moments of quiet reflection immediately afterwards can reap huge rewards. Here are three questions to ask yourself after every sales call, presentation, or meeting. What went well? It is important to evaluate the positive aspects of your sales calls. Reflect on your last call and identify the things you did well. This can include creating a compelling opening, building rapport, asking the right questions, or gaining agreement for the next steps. What did I miss or forget to do? Even though I have been teaching sales for more than 15 years I still miss or forget to do certain things during a sales call. When you ask this question you can identify patterns in your approach that cost you sales. What can I improve? It’s one thing to analyze your current results. However, if you want to improve your results you need to identify EXACTLY what you will do differently in future sales calls. Determine one or two specific action steps you need to take based on your answers to the previous question. On the surface it sounds simple. However, most sales people seldom take the time to analyze their performance. Here’s a key that will make a difference… Record your answers and review them periodically. When I first started conducting sales training workshops, I would ask myself these three questions at the end of every program and I jotted down my responses. Several months later, I reviewed every answer and noticed several patterns especially for the second question. I was somewhat surprised by the trend I noticed but this information gave me the insight I needed to improve the quality and impact of my sales training workshops. When you take the time to regularly analyze your sales performance, you will quickly see patterns, especially if you record your thoughts and observations. You can then take action to correct bad habits which will lead to an improvement in your results. Tweet This

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