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04 2014

Twofer Tuesday: On Vision and Beauty

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

This week I’m sharing two resources, the first to help you create a vision, and the second to help you see beauty in all aspects of your life. Two essential skills for anyone! As usual, I’m including my LinkedIn group details at the end, so you can join us as we dig into these discussions a little more. How to set a Vision (for you, for your team, for your organization) You’ll have likely heard of the quote beloved by most people selling “Vision workshops”: Without vision, the people perish. Now, I’ve run a few of these vision sessions myself (for Box of Crayons and for other organizations) and there are three challenges that I can see
: Creating a Vision that lies in that sweet spot between weighed down with the mundanity of reality and vastly and unrealistically ambitious. 

Translating the Vision thing to a strategy and plan

. Holding the Vision while realizing that all of your plans and strategies may need to “pivot”.

 Here’s a good article from Matthew May (who’s written a few great books on elegance and simplicity) on how to get things off to a good start. 

He sets out exactly how to run a 3 hour Vision session. I’ve not road-tested the plan, but I do like what I see…

 Why finding the Beautiful is a business imperative. (Hello, Occam!) Occam’s razor is less about shaving and more about a principle to help find truth. It states that if there are two solutions to a problem, all other things being equal the simplest answer will be the correct one. Simple <=> Elegant <=> Beautiful. I think there’s a correlation between these terms. I know one of Box of Crayons’ values is Elegance, and I’m constantly looking to create stuff that’s not just useful but also has a certain beauty to it. If you’ve followed me this far, you might be interested in BeautifulNow, which is about capturing and pointing out moments and things of beauty in our life. It’s curated in six different areas, and it’s delightful, provocative and worth a look… WANT TO JOIN THE CONVERSATION? Was this useful? Please feel free to share it… or why not join our LinkedIn Group: Tools for the Time Crunched Manager?

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