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21 2014

Twofer Tuesday: Supporting Employee Change

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

Even more than self-change, helping teams and employees to change learned behaviours is difficult. Here are two recent articles that tackle this issue nicely. If you would like to join our LinkedIn group and discuss this and other management issues, the info is at the bottom of this post. The impact of feedback Should you give feedback about the task? Or feedback about the person? One feels more transactional, the other perhaps has more impact on a deeper relationship level. Here’s a short article that measures the difference in impact … and suggests that one is the safer track to pursue. Read: How Good Are Your Employees at Giving Feedback How to make things happen. (More hustle. Less hassle.) We’re looking at the art of change at Box of Crayons this month. As someone once said: Change is Good. You go first. Most of us here have suffered through some poorly executed change program in our organization that achieves little other than sapping morale and using up resources. Some of us (me included) have been responsible for those very programs. Here’s a short but practical article from my friend and mentor, Les McKeown. Les has two powerful models that underlie his work. The first is the life-cycle of a company (the goal being to get your company into the “predictable success” phase, where you’re both efficient and vibrant); and the other being the three key roles that people play in organizations and how to understand that dynamic. This article speaks to the first of those models, and first appeared in Inc. magazine Read: How to Make Things Happen WANT TO JOIN THE CONVERSATION? Was this useful? Please feel free to share it… or why not join our LinkedIn Group: Tools for the Time Crunched Manager?

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