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29 2011

Unions vs Management

Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

The worst of any economic downturn is the unwillingness of people to accept that EVERYONE has to make cuts. EVERYONE has to tighten their belts. It is true that many company bosses have been treating their staff poorly whilst getting massive pay checks. Many bosses have been fired for incompetence whilst still walking away with massive pay checks. It is sad and simply unacceptable. However, at the same time the Unions, who for years have struggled to find their place in society have suddenly seen an opportunity to go back to their old ways and call strikes and slow downs. See USA Today’s article: When unions resort to this sort of behavior, it undermines their position and shows them as no better than any of these bosses they are so quick to denounce. If you can’t rise above the worst, then go home. This is the sort of mindless behavior that slows down the economic recovery. Unions, find a reason to exist that is adding to society and not taking away from it. Bosses, people work best when they are set an example and encouraged to be find the best of who they can be.

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