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Anderson, Michael

Developing Excellence in Associations

Michael Anderson interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

As President and CEO of the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE), Michael Anderson has been developing excellence in associations for over a decade. Revealing challenges and opportunities, he talks about the CSAE, how it's changed and where it's heading. Including professional and trade associations, Michael Anderson looks at board, staff and member perspectives. He talks about association innovation, governance, and expectation as well as the role of the volunteer. Learn how to engage members. Learn how to develop priorities. And learn how the CSAE can help.


Angus, Andrew

Educating Your Audience

Andrew Angus interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

Andrew Angus, founder of Switch Video, joins us on PSTV with stories from the entrepreneurial trenches.


Basadur, Min

Creativity, Innovation, Solutions

Min Basadur interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

"There is no problem that is not solvable." Min Basadur, founder of Basadur Applied Creativity, discusses innovative thinking. Defining 'complexity', Min Basadur discusses inventing the process of problem solving. Comparing innovative thinking to analytical thinking, he summarizes the industry of thought. Using actual case examples, he introduces his famous 'Simplexity' while defining some of the skills and tools needed to use the process. If there's a problem to solve, learn how to get the right people in the room, and learn how to get the right process to solve it. And learn how Min Basadur helps people make complex problems simple.


Bramm, Gerald

Surveys, Reasearch, Interviews

Gerald Bramm interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Do you need more information? Gerald Bramm, of G.Bramm & Associates, reveals trade secrets in the field of Market Research. As he traces the history and pivotal highlights of market and consumer research, Gerald Bramm defines its impact on society over the years. Discussing development, collection, and analysis, Gerald Bramm explains the variations between focus groups, interviews and surveys and how technology is impacting the industry.


Brisbois, Diane

CEO, Retail Council of Canada

Diane Brisebois interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV


Campbell, Scott

Leadership Dimensions and Factors

Scott Campbell interviewed on Professionally Speaking TV

Would you golf with only one club? According to Scott Campbell, Executive Vice President at Core Factors, those with only one leadership style are doing just that. Discussing the five key dimensions of leadership, he shares how to develop these dimensions. He identifies tools and stumbling blocks in the process of moving from good manager to great leader.


Carding, Janet

Director & CEO, Royal Ontario Museum

Bringing the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) back to the community forefront, Director and CEO, Janet Carding, joins host Randall Craig to discuss culture in contemporary times. After tracing her continent-spanning career, Janet Carding delves into the cultural heritage housed at the ROM as she guides us through top exhibits, rare collections, and the ROM's award-winning research. Taking a closer look at the ROM online and curator interaction, she talks about Royal Ontario Museum's recent deep-dive into social media and online content development.


Carmichael, Dianne

Information, Diagnosis, Treatment

Dianne Carmichael on Professionally Speaking TV

By 2030, Canada will spend 80% of provincial budgets on healthcare. Coming from a strong history in the investment industry, Dianne Carmichael, President of Best Doctors Canada, shares her motivation for becoming a healthcare advocate. Applying her business acumen to the healthcare industry, she describes the political hurdles and other obstacles the system has to overcome. Looking at best practices, service gaps, practitioner compensation, and access to service, Dianne Carmichael paints a detailed picture of Canadian healthcare. Introducing Best Doctors, Dianne Carmichael defines its function in Canada and outlines the process while highlighting several success stories along the way.


Casemore, Shawn

Improving Operational Performance

Shawn Casemore interviewed by Randall Craig on Professionally Speaking TV

"Success is not elusive," says Shawn Casemore, Founder and President of Casemore & Co. Discussing the key elements in achieving operational success, Shawn Casemore talks about the importance and skill in executing strategies, aligning processes, and integrating software. He also reveals what's changed in operational excellence over the years. Revealing secreats to craftinga great team, a multi-generational workforce, procurement, and the future of supply chain, Shawn Casemore hits all the key spots making this an interview you won't want to miss!


Ching, Jessica

Female Friendly Medical Devices

Jessica Ching of Eve Medical interviewed by Randall Craig on

Jessica Ching, founder and CEO of Eve Medical, joins us in the PSTV studio to discuss her new venture. Sharing the challenges and successes, Jessica Ching talks about what it's like to enter the whirl wind of entrepreneurship.