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16 2011

Walk Away and Increase Your Sales

Syndicated from: Fearless Selling Blog ~ Increase Your Sales

A friend recently told me about a sales opportunity he had been working on.  Multiple people involved in the decision making process and my friend met with everyone (as a group) to determine their current problems, goals and objectives. He developed a proposal, followed up, followed up, and followed up some more. However, as time went on, the terms of the deal began to change. The size and scope of the opportunity dropped—significantly. His prospects began asking for more concessions. Several people who had expressed high interest now appeared dis-interested. A few of the decision makers stopped responding to his correspondence. All in all, my friend felt less comfortable pursuing the opportunity. So, he sent his contacts a polite email and said that he was walking away from the opportunity. He explained his rationale and expressed disappointment but he also left the door open for future conversations. Within 24 hours, one of the decision makers called him, apologized for the problems and promised to get everything back on track. Several days later, my friend closed a deal that was worth approximately 10 percent of his quota. Having the courage to walk away from a potential sale is difficult for most sales professionals. However, it can actually help you increase your sales because it can free up time to work on better opportunities Plus, in some situations, it can actually cause your prospect to sit up, take notice and get them to start chasing you! Looking for a dynamic speaker for an upcoming conference or sales meeting? Check out this video. 905-633-7750 or Tweet This

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