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29 2009

Warren Evans

Trends Blending Expert

President, Warren Evans Ideas Inc.,

Known to be ahead of the curve, Trends Blending Expert, Warren Evans speaks on strategic planning, changing trends, and what drives them.  With corporate roots, he talks about the three-year transition he made into speaking and the influences that add to his success. Being a founding member of CAPS and in the Canadian Speakers Hall of Fame, he discusses speaking as a critical job skill and offers advice to those Executives seeking to enter professional speaking. Feeding into his charitable foundation, Laura's Hope, Warren Evans offers a speaker Boot Camp to professionals internationally to help work on structure and presentation.  Sensitive to underlying currents, Warren Evans discusses the difference between trends and fads, and how he keeps up to date on both. Learn key trends in business, what businesses can learn from past trends, as well as the industries to watch.

Interview Date: June 2009


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