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04 2012

We’re 10 years old: the 1st gift to you (of 5)

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

The top 10 Questions (and their Answers) from Teach Now You’ve heard me express gratitude and enthusiasm for my mastermind group (aka The Brain Trust) many times, so it won’t surprise you that they are among the cool people I know who generously offered these birthday gifts to you, the awesome people who read and support Box of Crayons. Jen Louden and Michele Lisenbury Christensen – as a result of one of our retreats – got together and created Teach Now, an invaluable resource for all those called to share wisdom and teach others in the world. Jen and Michele bring an extraordinary sense of non-cloying care and generosity in the work they do. It’s delightful. They’re giving you the Top 10 TeachNow Q&A’s, everything from how to find the right space to teach in to how to begin when you “know a little bit about a lot of things.” Get Jen and Michele’s generous gift to you here And don’t forget: Prizes for those who party with us! We’ve got 10 gift packs to be won for all those who celebrate with us by telling us how Box of Crayons has helped you change things up, have fun, and get clearer about your Great Work. Share it with us, and you could win some awesome prizes. Tell us your stories You could… Make a video, and upload it to your blog or YouTube (3 prizes to be won) Write a blog post and tweet about it (3 prizes to be won) Post a message to my Facebook page  (2 prizes to be won) Tweet us a nice message (2 prizes to be won) Let us know before July 10th by… Using the hashtag #BOC10 on Twitter Posting a link to our Facebook page Emailing us a link to the video or blog post If you’re looking for inspiration… Box of Crayons’ values are: Provoke Impact. We’re doing this to change things up Have Fun. “Important” doesn’t have to mean “boring” Pursue Elegance. Where beauty and impact meet Be Generous. Share what we can. Assume positive intent Stay Curious. Hang out at the edge to see what’s next And here’s what you can win 1 Amazon gift card worth $10 The Irresistible Fun Pack (8 Irresistible Principles of Fun goodies) I signed copy of Do More Great Work 1 signed copy of Get Unstuck and Get Going 1 signed copy of End Malaria 1 Big Questions movie collection (5.75 Questions You’ve Been Avoiding, Find Your Great Work, Great Work Alchemy) 1 Box of Crayons canvas tote bag to carry it all away

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