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31 2012

What does Awesome look like for your business?

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

Celebrating our 10 years in business – hurrah! – has occasioned moments of looking back and marvelling at the various iterations, pivots and changes in direction we had to get here. It’s all made sense in retrospect, but it would be highly inaccurate to call this a straight path… One of the reasons I really like Scott Stratten is that he’s done something similar. He was one of the various first people I started learning from when he taught some marketing basics, he sparked the animated movie thing for me, and he’s gone on to become a force in the world of social media – if you’re on Twitter, first follow me and then follow him - and specifically understanding marketing in this new landscape. (His motto? Stop marketing and start connecting.) His new book – The Business Book of Awesome – comes out soon, and if you care about connecting with your customers (and you want some really specific and useful do’s and don’ts) then you’ll want to grab this book. As you can see from the cover shot, part of its own awesomeness lies in the fact it’s a flip book. All Awesome on one half, all UnAwesome on the other. If you’d like to know the man behind the book, here’s an earlier Great Work Interview I did with Scott.

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