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26 2012

What my Sensei taught me about sales.

Syndicated from: The Essential Message

What my Sensei taught me about sales. Blame it on the 1992 movie, Glengarry Glen Ross, for burning this line into the psyche of salespeople and entrepreneurs: Always Be Closing. It may be the ABC’s of sales for people who sell worthless real estate to unwitting investors, but for the rest of us, this obession with closing can sneak up behind you and hit you in the back of the head. In my dojo where I do my martial arts training, we spend a lot of time practicing the entry until it becomes second nature. As my Sensei (Black Belt Hall of Fame Hanshi Cezar Borkowski, 9th degree black belt) says, ‘If your first move doesn’t work, you probably won’t get the opportunity to follow up with move two, three and four.” Here’s the lesson for outside the dojo. In a sales situation, if you don’t engage the other person’s interest, build trust, strengthen credibility and establish rapport, you’ll never have the opportunity to try that closing technique you might have learned at the last sales seminar you attended. Remember that all relationships — even sales relationships — start with a conversation. At a workshop on cold calling where I was presenting, the part that people told me was the most valuable was an exercise I did called, “‘Hello’ Throw-Away Lines.” The exercise simply isolated the opening lines of a cold call to help participants explore (sometimes very) different ways to start a conversation. The more conversations you have that elicit interest, build trust, strengthen credibility and establish rapport, the less you have to worry about closing. Essentially yours, Michel Neray Chief Differentiation Officer The Essential Message

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