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03 2013

What’s your 365?

Syndicated from: Randall Craig

January 11, 2006 holds a special significance.  Over a decade before then I had put the Toronto Star online, as well as completed substantive work with the Globe and Mail and several major book publishers.  I was at the vanguard of online publishing (blogging wasn’t invented then), yet I wasn’t publishing myself.  On January 11, 2006, this changed.  My next post is number 365 – and the beginning of my eighth year blogging. Here’s the question: what is your 365?  What social media (or other professional activity) have you purposely decided to do over a multiyear time-frame, continuously? Perhaps attending monthly trade association meetings?  Completing an advanced degree of certification?  Or perhaps writing a thoughtful blog?  The concept of 365 is equally applicable at the organizational level: what is the stake in the ground – and the associated initiatives that support it – that your organization is known for? Whatever the activity, 365 yields significant benefits: Develops expertise Establishes reputation Differentiates you from the competition Develops proprietary intellectual property (365 posts is a base for many white papers and two more books.) Shares the expertise/helps others find you (“content marketing”) This last point is sometimes called “content marketing”, but the overall concept I had explored in two posts several years ago: The Long Game, and The Long Game: eBay vs Google. This year’s action plan:  Choose one high-value activity that will begin to create differentiation, reputation, and expertise, then commit time in your calendar each week for it.  Next year at this time, your number will be 52.  The year after, 104, and so on. Management insight:  Sometimes organizations (and individuals) become trapped in their habits.  They continue doing something only because it’s always been done.  Next year, re-evaluate your 52, and see if you need a mid-course correction. The Make It Happen Tipsheet is also available by email. Go to to register. Randall Craig @RandallCraig (follow me)

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