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07 2013

Which Tweet worked best?

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Click here to subscribe in iTunes; or, listen to the audio version below: I’m moderately active on Twitter. I follow experts, creative thinkers and other people I like. I reply and retweet fairly often. I even had a long conversation with an author friend of mine using Direct Message (when we could just as easily spoke on the phone!) I also use Twitter to, frankly, promote my business. If you follow me, you may have noticed that when I come out with a new article – like this one – I post a couple of tweets about it. For example, to spread the word about my last article, Create Your Own Crowd, I tweeted the following: A few years ago, I couldn’t find a convenient way to get in front of a new market. So I created a way: [link]] Can’t get in front of your target audience? Maybe you need to create your own crowd. Here’s how: [link] Use opportunities that already exist to reach your target market. But if none exist? Create your own crowd. [link] Each of these tweets fall into a distinct category. I call the first one a “Personal Story” tweet, the second a “Problem-Solution” tweet, and the third a “Tip” tweet. Which do you think got the most clicks? Yes, I was curious about that too. So I checked my analytics (which clearly is something I should do more often!) What I discovered wasn’t too much of a surprise, but still revealing. The “Tip” tweet received the fewest clicks. The “Problem-Solution” format did much better. It got about twice as many clicks. But the big winner was the “Personal Story” tweet. Not only did it get more clicks – two and a half times as many as the other two combined – it was also retweeted and “liked” more.

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