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29 2011

Who are you leaning on?

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

If you’re doing Great Work – and doing it by yourself – you’re probably not really doing Great Work. Here are some of our inner circle, key people who make us look and sound good. It’s the unofficial Quebec Office of Box of Crayons, and this is us celebrating a fantastic 2012 together in Montreal. From left to right… Me Kathryn Presner of Zoonini, web uber-master and behind the fantastic redesign of this site Ana Robillard of Mobius 2, superb designer of books, collateral and other brand related bits and pieces Robert Kabwe of Poplogik, the Grand Animator and creator of our many cool movies Charlotte Riley of A.C. Riley Communications, word smith and SEO maven They’re awesome (not to mention good looking). Check them out. Follow them on Twitter. And hire them (but not too much, because I’m stuck without them.)

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