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06 2011

Who is your Mahamood?

Syndicated from: Randall Craig

Ever wonder about the impact you made with those you’ve touched? Whether you would be remembered or not? And for what? Every so often, we get a stark reminder of this: someone doesn’t remember you – but you think they should. Or someone comes up to you and reminds you about a special conversation – but you have no idea who they are. Recently, I had an experience that reminded me about the importance of connection – the real world sort. I was invited to a reception for the most senior, respected, veterans of the speaking world. (I was just elected to a board and the invitation was a courtesy.) This was something I was quite looking forward to, so it might seem surprising that the first 15 minutes of the reception were not spent with the honorees. They were spent with Mahamood – one of the waiters. Seven years earlier, I ran a series of public seminars – about 45 of them – at the Marriott Eaton Centre in Toronto, Canada. Every Tuesday night I would show up to the hotel with video projector, screen, and supplies, and begin preparing for the evening’s workshop. And every Tuesday night, Mahamood did the room set-up. Fast forward: when I showed up at the reception, Mahamood was one of the waiters. He recognized me instantly and thus began our conversation. It was wonderful reconnecting after so many years.  This reconnection is what made the event so special. This week’s action plan: It’s not just the number of connections you have, but the impact you make. This week, answer the question: Are there any Mahamoods in your midst? Postscript: I’ve written to the Marriott Eaton Centre, and shared this story with their management. The hospitality industry is filled with many Mahamoods, but this one is special… and has a great memory.  

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