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30 2012

Who Should Mentor You?

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

Photo Credit: oboulko via Compfight Are you waiting for your mentor to arrive? Are you lamenting that lack of mentor in your life? I’ve done that too. And I’ve got two answers for you. One of which I’ve borrowed aka shamelessly stolen from Pam Slim. And the other I’ve taken from Bill Jensen. 1. Pam’s idea Create your own group of virtual mentors, or what Pam calls your High Council of Jedi Knights. These are heroes, truth-tellers and adventurers who have the insights and scars and trophies you wish for. You may chose people who have a particular technical expertise, or people who have a personal attribute – courage, resilience, focus – that you value, or perhaps that person who simply won’t let you get away with the BS. Be bold about who sits on your council. It’s an exclusive seat to hold. And know that these may be people you’ll never meet and never talk to. And regardless, when you bring a challenge to them, you’ll know that they’ll have an answer for you that will serve you well. 2. Bill’s idea In a Great Work interview with Bill from a few years ago, we talked about where to find a mentor. And his wonderful idea is this: Get two mentors: one twice your age and one half your age. What I love about this is two things. First, that blinding flash of the obvious that “young people” can teach you plenty. And second, the thought that builds from there is that ANYONE can teach you plenty. Simply showing up from a place of “how might I learn from you” may turn many people into powerful mentors for you. 3. What’s your idea? What would you offer me as guidance for finding a mentor?  

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