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25 2012

Why I Run: Cristina Markham

Syndicated from: Daily Bread Food Bank

If you’re running the STWM, you may have seen my sweaty face. My finish line picture was chosen for this year’s poster!   This year’s Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon will be held on Sunday, October 14. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be encouraging you to sign up to run and inspiring those who have already signed up with tips from runners who have done it before. You may recognize Cristina Markham’s face already, since her finish line picture from last year’s race was chosen for this year’s poster. Cristina chose to support Daily Bread as her charity in the run because she felt that it’s a charity that everyone can relate to. “Regardless of your politics, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity, we all have the same nutritional needs,” says Cristina.“Daily Bread works to ensure all Torontonians from all walks of life get the food they need.” Below are some tips from Cristina on fundraising and running a great race. My top fundraising tips: I always make my donation requests as light and fun as possible. We’re all bombarded by requests for charitable donations, so if you can cut through the clutter and make someone smile, you’ll stand out. It also helps your potential donors to feel comfortable, and like you’re giving them an opportunity to be generous as opposed to guilting them into forking over their cash! My running/training tips: Since we’re less than a month away from the race, I’ll give a tip for race day. First of all, no one sleeps well the night before the race. Odds are, you’ll be too wired. Compensate for this by getting a good night’s sleep TWO nights before the race. Also, don’t do ANYTHING new on race day. No new food, no new stretches, no new nothing. You’re already asking a lot of your body on the big day – don’t throw something unfamiliar into the works. My one piece of advice: If this is your first race, don’t worry to much about your time. Focus on enjoying it. Wave at the spectators, give high fives to the kids, thank the volunteers. There will always be another race where you can work on your personal best, but you only get to run your first race once! Didn’t know you could run for the good of your health and your community? You can! And it’s not too late either. There are still spots in the 5K (run OR walk), half marathon and full marathon. Register by clicking here . Our Top 10 fundraisers will receive a refund on their registration ($90 value). Running not your thing? Then you can choose to support the runners who are raising money for Daily Bread. Click here to donate!

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