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18 2013

Wilf Dinnick

Community-powered News

CEO, OpenFile,

Wilf Dinnick, CEO of Open File, shares insight into freelance journalism and what Open File is doing to stay competitive in the business of news.

Note (updated):  The research for this interview took place in the fall of 2012, when was seemingly open for business.  The interview took place in January 2013, and was posted online mid-February.  At the time of the interview, we were unaware of the issues relating to Openfile's payments to their writers.

Upon review of a string of correspondence between the producer and the guest, Wilf Dinnick DID send a confirmation of his appearance, along with "please be aware we are paused, and rejigging the model".  Unfortunately, this did not find it's way into the interview notes, so there is no discussion on the topic - nor questions about the funds owed to journalists - during the interview.  We apologize to Mr. Dinnick both for this, as well as comments based on this that have appeared in other publications.  Were we snookered?  Nope - we should have caught the reference to the "pause" language, and we should have done more digging in the Twitterverse to expose some of the issues.  At the same time, Mr. Dinnick could have said a bit more about what "pause" meant.  And if asked, we could have embargoed the interview until AFTER the site came back online.  Or, we could have deferred the interview itself until was back on it's feet.  From our perspective, the purpose of the interview was to explore the concept and what we saw were Wilf Dinnick's innovative ideas, not to deliver "investigative journalism." 

As of the date of taping, the web site was available on the internet; as of Feb 25th, 2013, the website is completely off the air. As of Feb 27th, the site says that it is "on hiatus".

We love the idea of; We do hope that Wilf Dinnick finds a way to "rejig" a new into a profitable, win-win-win for the public, the journalists who provide the stories, and his investors.  Please watch the interview for yourself.

Interview Date: January 2013


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