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07 2013

Will the last person leaving the room please switch out the lights

Syndicated from: Paul Bridle

I have sat here keeping my mouth shut, but I can’t hold back any more. I warned the Republican Party when Obama won the election the first time that they are in danger of putting themselves into the wilderness from the electorate. Now I am predicting that the Republican Party is close to becoming un-electable both in the primaries and the main election. Certainly John Boehner has lost his job, and should go. Many times allegations have been levied at Obama for showing lack of leadership, and with good cause to say so. But, Boehner has committed several dire mistakes as a politician and is now damaging to the party. On a good day, he has never depicted a solid and dependable leader of men, but you loose everything when you renege on a deal. His word has no value now and so it makes it impossible for him to be trusted or be credible….and that is not a good position to hold a leadership position in the Party. I use the word ‘Party’ very loosely, since it is not a single party and has divided in the way I predicted it would. My suggestion would be to get rid of Boehner and put someone in position that can call a vote and get Government open and the debt ceiling raised. Rebuilding credibility as a Party is now far more important than Obamacare. Obamacare is now a non-issue and should be quietly dropped and move on quietly. Those that are so passionate on repealing Obamacare have lost their focus and are not in touch with the electorate as a whole and are not taking a longer term view on their future. The world is watching the United States make a fool of itself. What makes United States great is its strength militarily, its freedom of speech and its financial stability. That is why the vast majority of the world trades in American dollars. To make a fool of yourself militarily as Bush did with Iraq after 9/11, is stupid but not devastating. Having arguments between parties, allowing lobbyists to influence Government is pathetic but not the end of the world. But allowing the financial stability of the country to be put in doubt for Party Political gain, is simply incredulous and those behind it should be held for treason. I am not putting the blame fully at the door of the Republican Party, as I believe the whole lot have some blood on their hands. But the Republican Party has totally lost all sense of reason and given Democrats the upper hand and painted themselves into a corner. Even the areas they traditionally had strong support from, are ridiculing them. Time to have a clear out. Will the last one leaving please turn out the lights?

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