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05 2012

Winter Courses for Adults: Meet the Instructors

Syndicated from: AGO Art Matters

The AGO’s winter offerings for adults include a series of courses and workshops in the Gallery and in the Dr. Anne Tanenbaum Gallery School – a combination of lecture,discussion, tour studio programs that allow adults to engage with art. From exploration of contemporary to introduction to drawings sessions inspired by AGO works – adult courses and workshops will bring you new perspectives and opportunities to put art into your life. Read on to meet the instructors who teach at the AGO and find out more about the courses they teach.  Kelley Aitken Through the 80’s and 90’s my work was primarily narrative: dream landscapes and figurative works that used the geography of the body to map psychological and emotional states. These works were executed on canvas, wood, and paper in mixed media and painterly collage. I continue to work with figurative imagery at a larger scale in gouache, acrylic wash, ink, graphite, encaustic and papercut. Kelley Aitken teaches a drawing class entitled From Gallery to Studio. Back to top Aleks Bartosik Aleks Bartosik works figuratively and most often large-scale, where she combines drawing elements in painting, sculpture, performance and installation, and film/video. Bartosik’s work explores the boundaries between the real and the imaginary often depicting the artist as the protagonist within invented narratives. Aleks Bartosik teaches Integrated Drawing. Back to top Paul Butler Paul Butler is multi-disciplinary artist with an interest in artist driven projects that challenge current art world models. His practice includes: hosting the Collage Party – a touring experimental studio established 1997; directing the operations of The Other Gallery – a nomadic commercial gallery focused on overlooked artists’ practices; founding The Upper Trading Post – an invitational website that facilitates artist trading and initiating Reverse Pedagogy – a travelling, experimental residency. He has exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles; Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, Hart House, University of Toronto; White Columns, New York City; Creative Growth Art Centre, Oakland and Plug In ICA, Winnipeg. Paul Butler will be teaching the workshop Judas! Exploring the Relationship between Bob Dylan and Contemporary Art. Back to top Lynn Crosbie As a professional writer, editor, cultural critic and English professor, Lynn Crosbie has published eight books and is a regular columnist for The Globe and Mail newspaper. Her experience ranges from journalism to poetry, prose, plays, screenplays, critical essays, lectures, products and advertising. She has taught English and Creative Writing at the Ontario College of Art & Design, the University of Toronto, the University of Guelph, York University, and to at-risk youth in the community. Lynn Crosbie teaches Pop Culture and the Written Word. Back to top Janieta Eyre Janieta Eyre (b. 1966) studied philosophy at Toronto University, then magazine journalism at Ryerson Polytechnic University and photography at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She took up photography professionally in 1995. In her distinctive self-portraits, she frequently presents herself as a set of twins, engaging with the possibility of morphous identities and fictional doubles. Often employing fantastic and carnivalesque settings, she uses props and costumes to disrupt the fixity of image and identity. She manipulates the theatricality at play in her work by incorporating art-historical and literary references, while leaving space for the integration of fictional representations. Janieta Eyre teaches Experimenting with Photomontage and Photography. Back to top Misha Glouberman Misha Glouberman is an artist, performer and writer with an ongoing interest in how groups of people get along. Misha is the host of the popular non-expert lecture series Trampoline Hall (“We love it” – The Village Voice), runs a series of participatory sound-improvisation events called Terrible Noises for Beautiful People (“Legendary in Toronto” – Musicworks Magazine), and is the author, with Sheila Heti, of The Chairs are Where The People Go (“Humane and hilarious”- The New Yorker). Through his company Collective Intelligence, he runs meetings and conferences. Now Weekly has described him as a “hilariously engaging facilitator” and The Globe and Mail has called him “a mix of Peter Mansbridge’s smarts and Conan O’Brien’s wit.” Misha Glourberman teaches How To Talk To People About Things: A course in negotiation and communication Back to top Claire Greenshaw Claire Greenshaw’s art often aims to disrupt or destabilize the status of everyday objects in an attempt to question common social placements of value. The works tend to use humor and strategies of appropriation to manipulate layers of meaning and provoke speculative narratives around various cultural detritus. In her art practice, she employs a broad range of media, including sculpture, drawing and photography. Claire Greenshaw teaches Artist Bookworks and will be leading a Casting Workshop on Making Editions. Back to top Kerry Kim Kerry Kim regards drawing as a vehicle for exploration of chaotic visual reality while he does not imbue his works with symbolism, nor does he merely record what he sees. Rather, he draws out the structural movement within the human form, thus conveying thoughts and emotions that otherwise could not be elucidated. Kerry graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design in 1981 and studied old master drawings in Florence, Italy. He taught drawing and painting at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Dundas Valley School of Art, Sheridan College, Centennial College and Ontario College of Art and Design. He is presently the director of Mississauga Valley School of Art. Kerry’s works have been represented through many group and solo shows. Kerry Kim teaches Life Drawing. Back to top Sholem Krishtalka Sholem Krishtalka is an artist and writer. He holds a BFA from Concordia University and an MFA from York University. He is the art critic for Xtra Magazine and his writing has been featured in Canadian Art, C Magazine, Taddle Creek, and CBC Arts Online, in addition to which he is a regular contributor to, a curated video blog. His artwork has been featured in Carte Blanche Volume 2: Painting, a survey of contemporary Canadian painting. Most recently, he had a solo show in Brooklyn, New York, at Jack the Pelican Presents, where he launched a commissioned folio of prints with ArtInvestor, a Munich-based multiples store and magazine. His paintings were featured in the premiere issue of Headmaster, a queer arts and culture magazine out of Providence, Rhode Island. He maintains a web-project called Lurking, which can be seen Sholem teaches Working in Series – Acrylic and Oil. Back to top Catherine Lane Catherine Lane’s current studio practice focuses on drawing-based installation work that explores fragmented storytelling though non-linear, visual narratives. Catherine Lane teaches Life Drawing Back to top Christy Langer Christy Langer graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Ontario College of Art & Design in 2003; since then her sculpture work has been exhibited extensively both locally and internationally. Her sculptures are recognized for their meticulous execution; she combines a variety of techniques, processes, and utilizes materials ranging from silicone to porcelain. Langer is currently represented by Christopher Cutts Gallery in Toronto. Christy Langer teaches Figurative Sculpture and will be leading a Casting Workshop on Mold Making. Back to top Carol Matson Carol Matson’s paintings tell stories that are based on real and fictional experiences. Carol Matson teaches Introduction to Painting. Back to top Lauren Renzetti Lauren Renzetti is an artist, designer, educator and maker who has has shown her work throughout Ontario. Not only a visual artist she has also spent a great deal of time working in the film, television and theatre industry. Lauren Renzetti teaches Experimenting with Mixed Media and Printmaking. Back to top Jessica Thompson Jessica Thompson is a Canadian media artist whose projects investigate spatial and social conditions within the urban environment through sound, performance, and mobile technologies. Her work has been shown in exhibitions and festivals such as ISEA, (San Jose) FINE/LINE (Denmark) the Conflux Festival, (New York) Thinking Metropolis, (Copenhagen) (in) visible Cities, (Winnipeg) Deep Wireless, (Toronto) Beyond/In Western New York, (Buffalo) and most recently at the Norsk Teknisk Museum (Oslo) as part of NIME 2011. Her projects have appeared in publications such as Canadian Art, c Magazine, Acoustic Territories, and various art and technology blogs. Her website is Jessica Thompson teaches The Sonic City: An Introduction to Sound Art and Experimenting with Sound Art. Back to top Michael Toke Michael Toke is a Toronto based visual / installation artist, born Hamilton 1964. Attending Sheridan College and OCA in the 1980s, moved to NYC and worked as head assistant to J.S.G. Boggs a commerce based performance artist. Exhibiting internationally in art and film venues. His installations combine painting, video and sculpture hung on a conceptual armature of documentary film practice. Michael Toke teaches Advanced Painting and the Creative Process.   To register for a class at the AGO please visit  

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