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15 2010

Wisdom, Opportunity and Wealth for Corporate Women

Syndicated from: Your Remarkable Brand - Roz Usheroff

Do you possess the style, grace and savvy to take on tough issues in the boardroom? Does your leadership and communications style need more focus? Learn what it takes to make this happen with our Art of WOW DVD. Successful women can reach career plateaus that are perplexing and frustrating. In fact, many are held back by a leadership and communications style that no longer serves their needs. We call this career phenomenon The Endless Loop Trap. Corporate women stuck in The Endless Loop Trap repeat ineffective patterns of behavior, communication and visual presence. The Art of WOW DVD offers women a way out of the Endless Loop Trap with learning opportunities to build and project their unique personas. In a corporate environment that increasingly values entrepreneurship, DVD viewers will be able to develop strategies to brand themselves. Intrigued? Learn more here.

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