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27 2013

Wolverine and Multiple Man race to fight hunger

Syndicated from: Daily Bread Food Bank

On October 20, look out for Wolverine (Logan) and Multiple Man (Madrox) at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Two members of The X-Men of Toronto, they are running in support of Daily Bread’s Lace Up for Hunger team. Logan and Madrox. Photo credit Laura Nemeth. The X-Men of Toronto is a non-profit organization made up of X-men-themed cosplayers. Founded in early 2013, they help raise funds for various charities and encourage the younger generation to give back to the community. The X-Men of Toronto support a number of great charities throughout the year. Running a food drive in support of Daily Bread earlier this year, Logan said that they chose Daily Bread Food Bank because of its “history as a charity that gives back to the community, something we aspire to do as well.” “We normally pick charities that are not on everyone’s radar. But I chose the Daily Bread Food Bank for our food drive last June because I wanted to help a charity that was near my neighbourhood. But it really hit me when I came by the food bank to drop off the donations. Just interacting with the amazing helpful staff and volunteers, and seeing the all different people who depend on this organization, especially families. I was really touched at that visit. So I’m extremely thrilled that they invited us to run for them!” To train for their first charity 5k, Madrox has been running on a treadmill two to three times a week during the weekdays and jogging outside once or twice on the weekends. Logan is used to playing sports but says he has never been much of a runner. He’s managed to fit in a few practice runs and is looking forward to being ready for October 20. Wolverine (Logan) and Multiple Man (Madrox). Photo credit Quincy Morrison. While most of us will be wearing one of Daily Bread’s amazing team shirts both Madrox and Logan will be upping the ante and running in costume! “Usually, I’d have three of my multiples strapped to my back, but I think I’m just gonna carry one in the race so I can be less wind-resistant. And I’ll switch my boots to comfortable running shoes. But you’ll still catch me in spandex,” said Madrox. Logan said that he didn’t think racing as Wolverine would be too hard. “The costume I intend to wear is mostly spandex so it will stretch a lot. That being said, however, I won’t be wearing my normal knee-high boots. Those would be a bit too hefty unfortunately, so I’ll be wearing comfortable running-shoes instead.” When asked what they were most looking forward to on race day, here’s what they had to say! “I’m looking forward to seeing a crowd of supporters cheering the runners on. I’m hoping their cheerleading will help with my endurance. One thing I’m not looking forward to is running in a thunderstorm. But hey, we once did a food drive in High Park through rain and hail, so that won’t stop me.” – Madrox “I’m looking forward to people realizing that if a couple of nerds like ourselves can do this for charity, so can they, so they should lace up their boots and come help their community too. Least looking forward too… spandex wedgie.” – Logan Click here to support Madrox’s run for Daily Bread! Click here to support Logan’s run for Daily Bread! It’s not too late to sign up to run in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Register to race and raise money for Daily Bread. Click here for more information.

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