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25 2012

World Malaria Day: 5 easy things you can do right now to save a life

Syndicated from: Box of Crayons

Today’s the day and it’s easy for you to take a minute and help with the fight against a disease that kills a child every minute. I’m hoping you’ll help us shift a copy or two of End Malaria, the book I put together and first launched in September. I’ve highlighted a favourite comment from one of the reviews from I want to start by saying I am only half through the book, but I’m already completely satisfied with the purchase. I thought it was incredibly thoughtful and clever to embark on such an ambitious and generous project which is what helped me to push the purchase button. However, I couldn’t have anticipated how great the included essays would be. They are straight forward, useful thoughts from some of the business greats of today. Completely recommend! Yes, it’s an awesome and useful book. AND every copy bought generates $20 for Malaria No More. Here are five things you can do Would you pick one and help spread the word? Buy a copy or two for friends, clients, colleagues, team members. It’s a double-dip gift. Tweet about it (using and #EndMalariaDay) Send an email about the book to to 3 of our your colleagues encouraging them to check out the book Put the book trailer (you can see it below) on your FB page or blog Like our FB page Thanks for your support.

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